The International NatGold Council serves as the independent governing body for the global NatGold™ industry. Its primary role is to formulate legislative policies that facilitate the establishment of NatGold legislation worldwide.

The policies advocated by the NatGold Council are foundational to ensuring the global NatGold industry is predicated on integrity, supporting the creation of NatGold as a non-perishable, non-inflationary digital currency.

These guiding policies are crucial to legislative efforts aimed at creating a vibrant, global marketplace for this innovative commodity class and are central to the functioning of the NatGold Integrity Trust. Established by the International NatGold Council and based in Delaware, this Trust is the key private sector entity responsible for approving the tokenization of NatGold mining titles into NatGold coins. It also assumes custody of these titles. The Trust employs thorough checks and balances, reviewed by its independent trustees. With their endorsement, the Trust takes on the ownership of titles approved for tokenization, acting not for its own financial gain but as a custodian for the original titleholders—the ultimate beneficiaries who receive NatGold coins in return.

Once a NatGold mining title is in its possession, the NatGold Integrity Trust deposits this title, alongside all pertinent documents from the approval process, into the NatGold Digital Vault. Managed by New York’s OroEx Corp., this vault is where the real magic happens: the certified NI 43-101 gold resources are tokenized into NatGold coins, adhering to the specific, standardized tokenization ratios established by the International NatGold Council and detailed within the Trust’s framework.

The Trust comprises three independent trustees:

  • Two Qualified Persons with a minimum of 20 years of experience each in the field of mineral resource estimation.
  • One lawyer with significant international mining expertise and at least 20 years of experience.

These trustees, arms-length from the NatGold Council and not affiliated with OroEx Corp. or any NatGold miners, are barred from investing in any industry participants or receiving financial benefits from them. They are compensated with annual fees by the International NatGold Council and must reach a unanimous decision to approve any NatGold mining title for tokenization.

The approval process for a NatGold mining title, including all related documentation, is publicly available in the NatGold Digital Vault. This transparency extends to the registration of the NatGold mining title under the Trust, the associated NI-43-101 certified gold resource report, and a detailed account of all ownership group members holding over a 10% interest in the NatGold coin distribution.

The tokenization approval process overseen by the NatGold Integrity Trust is fully auditable and transparent, incurring no costs and thus eliminating the need for creating additional NatGold coins for fee coverage. This ensures the NatGold Digital Vault’s inflation-free status and guarantees that every NatGold coin is backed 100% by NI 43-101 certified gold resources, open to public scrutiny.

NatGold is built on trust and integrity. NatGold is the future of money.