The market will ultimately determine the monetary value and market price of NatGold™. Yet, there’s a rational basis for establishing a minimum intrinsic price valuation for NatGold, rooted in logical analysis and industry benchmarks.

The International NatGold Council has formulated a methodology for this intrinsic price valuation, utilizing public data and industry standards. This method compares the average global cost of gold production with its market price, revealing the intrinsic profitability, or the inherent value, of gold still in the ground.

Calculating Production Costs: Utilizing the World Gold Council’s 90-day All-In Sustaining Cost (AISC), this method reflects the comprehensive cost faced by publicly reporting gold mining companies to mine, refine, and market one Troy ounce of gold.

Above Ground Market Price Reference: This is based on the latest daily average price for a Troy ounce of gold, sourced from the London Bullion Market Association and other principal sources, including the NYMEX spot gold price.

Intrinsic Price Value Baseline: Employing the 90-day AISC of US$1,315 for Q2, 2023, and a hypothetical market price of US$2,000 per ounce, we find an intrinsic profit of $685 per ounce. This serves as a pragmatic baseline for the intrinsic value of gold before the expenditure of US$1,315 to mine it physically.

Mining financiers weigh three primary factors when considering gold mine financing: future gold price expectations, future production costs (notably rising since the AISC’s introduction in June 2013), and the existence and extractability of certified gold resources verified by NI 43-101 reports.

NatGold diverges from traditional concerns, focusing solely on the digital mining of gold’s certified existence, making physical extraction’s feasibility or cost variables irrelevant. Mined in an ESG-friendly manner, NatGold revives its ancient role as a store of monetary value, contrasting with traditional gold production’s environmental and social costs.

Ironically, the production of gold itself has placed the knife in gold’s own monetary back, relegating it to the dustbin of monetary history. The essence of gold itself has never been the problem.

Given its adherence to ESG principles, NatGold is set to reverse gold’s tragic demise and attract a significant ESG premium in the process, potentially even surpassing traditional gold’s market value as global sustainability awareness grows. This valuation transcends conventional production cost-profit analyses, advocating for NatGold’s price to be independently determined by its own merits as a sustainable crypto-commodity, capable of redefining gold’s ancient monetary role.

NatGold has measureable intrinsic value. NatGold is the future of money.