Central to NatGold’s™ principles is an unwavering commitment to ensuring that each NatGold mining title is protected from illegal mining activities. This commitment not only involves safeguarding the integrity of NI 43-101 certified gold resource reports and the precise ounces of gold they verify but also extends to preserving the integrity of every NatGold coin minted.

Navigating Global Variations

The International NatGold Council acknowledges the diversity in the global enforcement of mining regulations, understanding that while regions like Canada, the United States, and the European Union exhibit stringent enforcement against illegal mining, other areas face challenges in curbing such activities. This acknowledgment is not an indictment of any region’s capabilities but a recognition of the varied landscape we operate within. Our objective is to ensure NatGold’s integrity across all jurisdictions, maintaining its status as a secure and sustainable digital asset.

Mitigation and NatGold Integrity

The NatGold Integrity Trust implements a rigorous onboarding process for projects, conducting detailed risk analyses that assess the likelihood of illegal mining activities based on the project’s geographic location. This proactive strategy is key to preempting risks that could compromise the integrity of the NatGold ecosystem.

Should illegal mining begin on a property overseen by the NatGold Integrity Trust, and if the responsible governing agency fails to enforce title protection effectively, the NatGold Contingency Fund acts as an essential safeguard. Established by allocating 5% of the initial NatGold coin distribution for each project, this fund is specifically intended to manage and rectify such scenarios, ensuring the ecosystem’s stability and maintaining the secure backing of NatGold coins by certified gold resources.

Utilization of the NatGold Contingency Fund

In the unlikely event that a NatGold mining title needs to be withdrawn due to unacceptable illegal mining activities, the affected title will be promptly removed from the NatGold Digital Vault. Concurrently, any NatGold coins allocated to the ownership group that are held in escrow within the NatGold Digital Vault—due to market maintenance and security restrictions typically placed on initial coin distributions—are immediately canceled and removed from circulation. The remaining NatGold coins, already distributed and circulating, are then effectively withdrawn by being deducted from the NatGold Contingency Fund and canceled. This measure nullifies the tokenization process related to the specific NatGold mining title, ensuring both the title and the corresponding amount of NatGold coins initially issued are extracted from the ecosystem.

This self-insuring mechanism preserves the ecosystem’s integrity and upholds the exact correlation between NatGold coins and their NI 43-101 certified gold resource backing.

Community Engagement and Vigilance

Leveraging modern technology, the NatGold digital vault employs real-time satellite imagery to offer public visibility of each project within the vault. This transparency invites the NatGold community to participate actively in safeguarding the ecosystem, further bolstered by a dedicated community watch desk for reporting any suspicious activities directly to local enforcement agencies.

As more nations adopt NatGold legislation, the likelihood of encountering risks associated with illegal mining is expected to diminish. This evolution, coupled with an expanding portfolio of low-risk projects, will gradually mitigate the ecosystem’s overall risk profile. Consequently, the necessity for the 5% contingency fund retention may be reevaluated, with any adjustments subject to unanimous approval by the International NatGold Council and corresponding amendments to the NatGold Integrity Trust’s policies.

This strategic, self-insuring approach epitomizes the NatGold ecosystem’s robustness, ensuring that NatGold remains a reliable, secure, and integral part of the global financial landscape, steadfast in its mission to redefine the essence of monetary assets through a lens of sustainability, integrity, and innovation.

NatGold is committed to unwavering value integrity. NatGold is the future of money.