Introducing NatGold™: The gold standard in ESG-friendly digital assets. Overseen by the International NatGold Council, founded and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, NatGold represents a pioneering force in establishing policies and standards for the global NatGold industry.

NatGold, often called nature’s gold or green gold, is a new gold-backed commodity that heralds the future of digital money, marking a logical evolution in how we perceive gold’s value. It aims to leverage gold’s primary utility to anchor commercial progress, a role it has maintained for thousands of years.

The essence of gold is its inherent existence—all gold on Earth was part of nature before it was physically mined and stored in vaults. Commonly, gold in the ground is referred to as green gold, and its essence remains the same. Regardless of its location or the economic viability of extracting it, it’s still gold.

NatGold embodies existing gold mining industry practices for certifying gold resources and incorporates the same risk-value ratios bankers in boardrooms around the world apply to valuing various types of gold mineralization when contemplating the financing of a gold mine.

NatGold makes a very important value capture pivot away from physical extraction to employing a novel, legislatively supported, sustainable digital mining process that leaves the certified gold resources untouched and safeguarded in Mother Nature.

The time has come for a new commodity money built on integrity and backed by real value, NatGold – where gold puts on an ESG-friendly dress and enters the monetary competition shining in a way that no other existing monetary offering can. Not Bitcoin, not physical gold, and certainly not any of the fiat currencies.

Welcome to NatGold – the future of gold, the future of ESG-friendly digital assets, and the natural future of money.