The International NatGold Council, a Swiss commercial foundation, is strategically headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Established by its pioneering sponsor, New York-based OroEx Corp., the Council plays the key role as the independent self-regulated governing body for the global NatGold™ industry. The Council’s primary mission focuses on developing NatGold industry legislative policies and setting integrity standards that govern the comprehensive NatGold tokenization and monetization ecosystem. These initiatives are critical in fostering a robust NatGold industry, underpinned by the highest levels of monetary integrity for NatGold coins.

Beyond its policy-making endeavors, the NatGold Council is dedicated to promoting the NatGold marketplace on a global scale. Through strategic marketing and targeted media campaigns, the Council aims to enlighten the global community about NatGold’s unparalleled benefits, positioning it as the premier asset-backed digital currency.

The NatGold Council receives financial support in two principal ways, 1) monetarily from its sponsoring members and 2) via a 2.5% Net Tokenization Royalty paid in the form of NatGold coins collected at the point of tokenization where all NatGold coins are created.