The tokenization of NI 43-101 certified gold resources marks a significant shift in capturing value. The same reports that secure funding for gold extraction are repurposed for ESG-responsible digital mining of these resources.

Within this model, a NatGold™ mining title, backed by NI 43-101 certified resources, is transformed into NatGold Coins. However, not every ounce of certified gold has the same tokenization exchange value, leading to the application of specific exchange ratios for tokenization value calculation.

Certified gold resources fall into three categories: inferred, indicated, and measured. Each is evaluated within a valuation spectrum recognized by the global mining finance community. NatGold’s tokenization exchange ratios are meticulously calculated to align with these accepted bandwidths, ensuring its foundation is robust and completely in harmony with the mining and finance industry’s valuation standards.

While each NatGold coin corresponds to 1 ounce of NI 43-101 certified gold resources, the tokenization exchange ratios—established by the International NatGold Council for exchanging each category of gold resource into NatGold coins—are as follows:

Measured Resources: As the highest certification level, providing the most precise gold existence estimates, these are exchanged at a 20% tokenization discount. Thus, each ounce of measured resources translates to 0.80 of one NatGold coin.

Indicated Resources: More accurate than inferred but less precise than measured resources, these are subject to a 60% tokenization discount. Therefore, each ounce of indicated resources is equivalent to 0.40 of one NatGold coin.

Inferred Resources: The least precise category, inferred resources, are offered an 80% discount in tokenization, making every ounce worth 0.20 of one NatGold coin.

In conclusion, NatGold coins are built upon industry-standard exchange ratios for NI 43-101 certified gold resources, ensuring the integrity and stability of their value. This foundation guarantees that NatGold stands as a digital asset with trust and reliability at its core, reflecting the best practices of the mining and finance sectors.

NatGold is built on industry standard exchange valuations. NatGold is the future of money.